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Ogsa platform components

Ogsa platform components

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As illustrated in Figure 1, the three principal elements of the OGSA Platform are the Open Grid Services Infrastructure, OGSA Platform Interfaces, and OGSA Platform Models. Infrastructure (OGSI) defines mechanisms for creating, managing, and exchanging information among entities called Grid services. As shown in Figure , the basic OGSA architectural organization can be classified into five layers: native platform services and transport mechanisms. OGSA hosting environment. OGSA transport and security. OGSA infrastructure (OGSI) OGSA basic services (meta-OS and domain services). Download scientific diagram| OGSA Platform Architecture from publication: A core platform components and OGSI that become part of a resource sharing grid.

1 Service Oriented Architecture. Grid technologies are based on a service-oriented architecture. 2 Open Grid Services Architecture. 3 An Example. 4 Web Services. 5 Open Grid Services Infrastructure. Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) is a set of standards that OGSA puts Web services and SOA on the grid. OGSA definitions and criteria describe how information is shared and distributed among the components of large, heterogeneous grid systems; they apply to hardware, platforms and. Security is one of the characteristics of an OGSA-compliant component. security mechanisms not only at intermediaries, but also on the platforms that host the.

OGSA Evolution: Grid vs. OGSA Architected Services. Hosting platform. (Java). Other Possible. Hosting Platforms Services to access “stateful” components. Principal elements of OGSA Platform. Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI). OGSA Platform Interfaces. OGSA Platform Models. OGSA Platform Profiles. The Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) is a set of standards defining the way in is shared among diverse components of large, heterogeneous grid systems. OGSA definitions and criteria apply to hardware, platforms and software in.